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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Okay folks, today we have a guest blogger for Happy Tuesdays!!!!! ENJOY! :)

Hey, I'm Matt, Tammi's office mate. Basically Tammi is too lazy and uninspired to blog on this Mediocre Tuesday, so she basically forced me to write something or quote someone. It wasn't her asking me if I'd like to write something, it was her telling me to move, so she can log me into to her account and telling me I HAD TO WRITE something. As if I don't have enough work today. Thanks Tammi.
I don't know how many of you have ever worked with Tammi, but boy is she bossy? huh? Always coming in late, stealing my lunch and M&M's, making me do all her work and now making me do her blog. So, I've decided that while I'm logged in as her, I can check her email, reply to everyone as if I'm her and be all crude and mean, then go to a bunch of porn sites and sign her up for awesome junk mail. That's what you get Tammi, a fist full of porn!
But since, I'm here "blogging" I should say, I've never blogged before, so I'm going to try and use Tammi's style. Here I go:

I've been doing a lot of thinking recently about the steps that I've taken in my life to get where I am today. Not job wise where I am today, but more importantly, relationship wise. With friends and my fiance. The best years in my life were in college. Thats where I feel like the best steps were taken in these relationships. Every night I would party or even just hang with the best group of friends you could imagine. We were like Made Men, the cool kids. We were like the crew from Saved By the Bell (before the new class or the college years and without Screech). Everyone wanted to hang with us. Upon graduation, most of us moved to this wonderful island of a city. But there is something in the real world, that I think actually makes you take steps back or maybe it is taking leaps forward. Whether it be responsibilities, or real jobs, or what? Currently, I live maybe a 2 mile walk to most of my college friends, but on most nights, that is too far, to just hang. Or maybe it is too late, or for whatever reason, we just stop calling, stop talking, and now stop seeing each other. In fact, these friends, that I used to call my brothers and sisters, are now strangers.
Why is the real world so alienating? I might pass them on the street and no one would even notice. Just walk right by someone that I spent almost everyday of four years with. But my big question is, are they feeling the alienation too? Or is it just me? Am I the only one who has lost touch and grew up too fast? In high school, I told my best friend that if he ever needed my kidney, he can have it. Now, if he called me, I probably wouldn't pick up, because I don't even have his number in my phone anymore. We told each other that we would be each others best men at our weddings. Now, he wont even be invited.
What felt so important and infinite then, now just seems like a numb dusty photograph hidden away in an album.
Wow, these blogs are depressing. Let's all call our high school sweet heart up, or our high school or college wingman. Let's see if we aren't as alienated as we thought.
Usually Tammi throws a quote in here...hmm. Well let's try this one.

"Peter Pan always said that dieing would be his greatest adventure, but thats coming from a boy who never grew up. I think reconnecting with the lost boys, will be just as great of an adventure." -- Mark Twain

April fool's that wasn't Mark Twain's quote, i just made it up. he he he. Hope your Tuesday is happier than our mediocre one, and I'm sorry if I depressed you. I feel like that girl from Sex and The City or like I am writing a monologue from The Wonder Years.
So how did I do?


k said...

Or Doogie Howser!

Wait, I've never seen that show before... really. Oh, and I'm reminded of a joke Jonathan Swift played one April Fool's, so check out #13:

Nice work, Matt!

Anonymous said...

wtf. guess i better go slit my wrists now. sounds preferable to reconnecting with my high school friends. tammi, you have struck gold. from now on you should have guest bloggers discuss their early-onset midlife crises and see if that inspires the rest of us to go seize the day. carpe diem!!!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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