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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

                          (My submission to Cupcake Wars BK)

Saw a wonderful quote this weekend that I really loved:

“You have four choices:

do it and enjoy doing it
do it and don't enjoy doing it
don't do it and enjoy not doing it
don't do it and don't enjoy not doing it....”

I really love the simplicity of this quote. Prompted by my good friend Deborah, I think it may be a good idea to take a sort of end of the year inventory of things that I spend my time doing, and going through each one asking if I enjoy doing them, if I enjoy not doing them, and so forth. When it comes down to it, our choices are really easily put into those categories. For my hamster wheel of a mind, it makes complicated choices and decisions so much easier. So, some food for thought as you go through your week and figure out what you want to be filling your life with.

Have a Happy Tuesday!


Candice said...

love it!!! and can't wait for you to start contributing posts to Dd. xxoo

Sabrina said...

umm can you please make some of those cupcakes when you are here? they look AMAZING! and i like your thoughts, except you know where my hamster wheel mind is going because you's already has:) still a good thought for life! miss you tam!